#005. The Unquiet Dead (aka In Sickness And In Gelth)

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  • Song Name: #005. The Unquiet Dead (aka In Sickness And In Gelth)
  • Artist: The Polis Box
  • Album: The Polis Box

It’s Episode 5 of The Polis Box! In which Lee and Dave shamelessly chase yet more sponsorship deals (while showing a level of heightened sophistication), examine the many accents of John Barrowman, provide yet more hot takes on quinoa and wonder just what their listeners are playing at when they reveal the results of Episode 4’s vote on The Androids Of Tara.

On trial this time round is The Unquiet Dead from Christopher Eccleston’s all too short tenure in the Tardis. Will it be ranked as one of the show’s all-time great works, or will it be exposed as a trickster, a charlatan and a fraud? The decision, as ever, is down to you…