#010. The Invisible Enemy (aka Hardcore Prawn)

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  • Song Name: #010. The Invisble Enemy (aka Hardcore Prawn)
  • Artist: The Polis Box
  • Album: The Polis Box

It’s The Polis Box Episode 10!

Now, never let it be said that the Polis Box isn’t a bastion of taste and decency…well, ok, you can let it be said, on the strength of the first twenty seconds of this episode. Basically, it’s Dave. Because…well, he’s Dave. Maybe he was channelling the spirit of Jim Davidson (aka Jim Robinson off Neighbours), we just don’t know.

This week, we put the Tom Baker era in the dock once again with The Invisible Enemy on trial! We reveal the results of Episode 9’s poll and there’s the usual cavalcade of nonsense…with apologies to Germans, Australians (mostly for the accents…our own attempts at them, not their own) and…well…everyone, really.