#017. The Return Of Doctor Mysterio (aka Gob Rest You Merry Gentlemen)

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  • Song Name: #017. The Return Of Doctor Mysterio (aka Gob Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen)
  • Artist: The Polis Box
  • Album: The Polis Box

It's The Polis Box Episode 17! This month, Lee, Dave and Cameron put The Return Of Doctor Mysterio on trial in a seasonal episode (only if you're listening to this four months after release). Will Mysterio give us a warm fuzzy yuletide feeling of goodwill or will it be as welcome as spittle on your prized motor from the mouth of an Anfield legend?

WARNING : This episode, recorded in the midsts of a jelly-baby induced sugar high, contains a variety of unconvincing accents. Apologies to the French, Germans, Scousers...in fact, apologies to everyone. Everywhere. Especially to Mrs Phillips.