#036. Orthodox Who

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  • Song Name: #036. Orthodox Who
  • Artist: The Polis Box
  • Album: The Polis Box
  • Year: 2020

It's the end...but the moment has been prepared for! It's time to reveal the results of every poll from the last four episodes in our Super Soaraway Trial Of The Trial Of A Timelord Anniversary Results Special! Or episode 36 of The Polis Box, to give it a less unwieldy title.

We're joined once again by Mark from On The Timelash, Geordie Al from Conquistabores and Greg and Charlie from Doctor Who : The Complete Menagerie (Almost) to pick over the results of the trial of the century (well, ok, the trial of the year) and to also unearth Ben Verth's secret karaoke shame, push the bounds of taste and decency (again) and to inadvertently invent a brand new religion! It's what Sydney Newman would have wanted.

Happy 57th anniversary, Doctor Who!!! xx